Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC founded De La Salle University’s Career Development Program, a night school for working professionals.

CDP was eventually renamed Community College in 1985, offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management with emphasis on Human Resources Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, major in Computer Applications.
De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde was established to accommodate working students who wanted to continue with their college education.
Benilde moved to its own campus on 2544 Taft Avenue, Manila, to cater to more students and in anticipation for the expansion of the College.
To provide a more cohesive and program-driven education to its students, the College’s General Education curriculum was absorbed by the Business Studies Area, which would later become the School for Multidisciplinary Studies.
The School of Design and Arts opened with its first degree program, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, to produce professionals who possess multidisciplinary skills in art and design, engineering and management.
In keeping with the College’s vision to cater to all kinds of learners, Benilde introduced vocational programs for the Deaf in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Ten years later, the programs would be enhanced and re-established as a Bachelor’s degree under the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies.
One year after conducting its own student admission process, Benilde became autonomous.
When Benilde saw the need to offer short courses for learners specializing in particular skill sets, the College established the Certificate Program Center which later on became the School of Professional and Continuing Education.
Benilde started offering Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (BSHRIM) which integrates theory and practice to provide students with a strong service orientation and a global perspective of hotel and restaurant operations.
Benilde officially became a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
The College has hosted the NCAA twice, first in 2006 then in 2013.
Benilde inaugurated its second campus, the Angelo King International Center (AKIC). It has standard kitchen laboratories which serve as training ground for students to easily translate what they learn in the classroom to an actual work environment.
To establish its identity as an independent institution, the College dropped “University” from its name to become De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.
Benilde inaugurated its third campus, the School of Design and Arts (SDA). Styled in irregular geometrics, every nook and turn of SDA is designed to inspire creativity. “Every space is a design workspace,” said principal designer Ed Calma. “All the corridors and common areas where students converge can be galleries for displaying students’ works.”
Benilde inaugurated the Br. Miguel Febres Cordero Building, home to offices that provide support services to students. This includes artist formation, student organization and publication, and community development offices.
Through Saint Brother Jaime Hilario Center, Benilde empowers Persons with Disabilities (PWD) by providing computer applications training and employment assistance.
Benilde celebrates its Silver Anniversary with the theme "Be Extraordinary," which captures Saint Benilde’s legacy of doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.