How can you tell a story without words?

Production designers do more than just create sets. They build worlds, revive eras, and conceive characters. In Production Design, students learn about theater and film design, art history, and media studies as they dabble in stagecraft, prosthetics, and costume construction.

This course is for you if you want to create realistic or fantastic worlds that serve as the backdrop for beautiful stories. You will learn to:

  • analyze and interpret the principles of film and theatre design, design and art history, media studies and production management for conceptualizing designs for different types of productions;
  • design sets, costumes and props for movies, commercials, television, theater, events and advertising;
  • apply skills learned in studio classes in drawing, drafting, computer-aided drafting and design, stagecraft, props-making, prosthetics, and costume construction; and
  • exercise your profession and manage your business profitably by using contemporary marketing techniques.


  • Costume Designer
  • Exhibit Designer
  • Production Design Specialist
  • Prosthetics Specialist
  • Set Designer
  • Special Effects Artist
  • Model and Puppetry Specialist

Program Length

10 Trimesters


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