How can design shape the way we live?

Interior Design explores spaces where people live, work, and play. Behind every complementing shape, light, color, and surface is a meticulous Benildean designer who makes interiors useful and delightful to those who inhabit them.

This course is for you if you want to create beautiful and functional spaces that enhance the lifestyle of its users. You will learn to:

  • apply the principles of interior space planning to creating spaces for specific uses;
  • use specific interior elements such as finishes and furnishings to create a specific look and feel; and
  • exercise your profession using contemporary management strategies and practices.


  • Interior Designer 
  • Exhibit Designer 
  • Furniture Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser 
  • Lighting Design Specialist 
  • Construction Manager 
  • Heritage Conservationist

Program Length

11 Trimesters


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