Leaders are global.

Unique products are local; dominant markets are global. As an Export Management student, you keep an eye on up-and-coming products while tracking trends and movements in the global economy. This program is the pioneer export-oriented business course in the country and it merges the essentials of the export industry, namely product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, with entrepreneurship and new strategies and technologies in international trading

This course is for you if you want to make Filipino products available to the world. You will learn to:

  • apply traditional and contemporary principles and practices in the export industry;
  • operate and manage your own export business;
  • engage in a career in international trading; and
  • practice entrepreneurial skills that focus on the export of locally manufactured products and services.


  • Entrepreneur
  • Market Researcher
  • Product Developer
  • Product Manager

Program Length

9 Trimesters


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