That's why we value everyone's opportunity to learn on how to make Benilde a safe and secure learning environment. 

Our Center for Emergency Management, Safety, and Security (CEMSS) champions best practices and ensures that safety and security systems are in place inside the campus and within our vicinity. 

Browse through to learn more about Benilde’s different facets of campus preparedness and general safety tips. 

For emergency, safety, and security concerns, you may get in touch with us through the following: 

Center for Emergency Management, Safety and Security

Taft Campus

Security Office - G/F Solomon Hall Near LRT Gate
 +63 2 230-5100 Local 1911 or 1000 

AKIC Campus
Security Office - G/F Near Employee’s Entrance
 +63 2 230-5100 Local 2911 or 2000 

SDA Campus
Security Office - G/F Near MCAD Ramp
 +63 2 230-5100 Local 3911 or 3000