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In his time, St. John Baptist de La Salle created a community of Christian schools throughout France. But what he’s actually done is transform the structure and system of education across four centuries all over the world, a legacy for which he was proclaimed Patron Saint of Teachers.


St. La Salle established free schools and formed the community that became known as the Brothers of the Christian Schools. His legacy lives on today, as De La Salle Brothers, assisted by more than 100,000 lay colleagues, teach over 1,000,000 students in 82 countries.

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Pierre Romançon was born to a poor peasant family in Auvergne, France. He loved teaching children and spent 40 years in the classroom. He felt a strong desire to be a Lasallian Brother and assumed the name Benilde when he became a follower of John Baptist de La Salle.


In acknowledging his achievements, Pope Pius XI said, “Sanctity does not consist in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” In October 27, 1967, he was declared a saint.


Saint Benilde’s deep faith and zeal encouraged many young men to the priesthood and religious life for which he became known as the patron saint of vocations.

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Brother President

Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC


Robert L. Tang 


Current Board Members

Mr. Edgar Chua, Chairman

Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC, President
Br. Dante Amisola FSC, Treasurer
Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC
Br. Michael Valenzuela FSC

Mr. Cezar Consing

Ms. Corazon Alma De Leon
Dr. Lydia Echauz 

Mr. Eduardo Jarque 
Mr. Rene Ledesma, Jr.
Mr. Stephen Misa 
Ms. Maria Ressa 
Mr. Carlos Rufino

Ms. Victorina Amalingan-Sales

Ms. Vivienne Tan 


Corporate Secretary

Atty. Sinforoso Pagunsan