What makes a Benildean graduate successful is knowing how to complement their talents and skills with management practices that make their business profitable.

Explore a sustainable career through a management program tailored for your chosen industry.

“The night classes were the best schedule for me. It worked for me because it deepened my business knowledge through the theories in class and my professors’ wisdom and industry experience, and it lets me apply my learning in my organization during the day.”

Coritha Denise Chua Benilde Marketing Management Graduate Marketing & Business Development Director (Davao Operations), Competitive EZ Corporation

“Industry practicing teachers are up-to-date with the latest professional practices, and this benefits students to learn from their deep professional experience and not just from text book definitions of concepts. I distinctly remember my marketing professor sharing with us real-life scenarios at work and how to learn from them.”

Lisa Guerrero Cua Benilde Marketing Management Graduate Shared Services Manager, Small Medium Market Enterprise (Australia), Global Commercial Services for American Express International

”Prior to being accepted in Benilde, I was running my business using gut feel and intuition. With learnings from classes, I was able to immediately validate what I thought were sound business  practices. With formal education and a diploma under my hat, I am better equipped with proper business fundamentals and a strong foundation that I use in business.”

Jefferson Plaza Benilde Marketing Management Graduate General Manager, Advance Solutions, Inc.

“Only Benilde offers a very flexible program that caters to working individuals. They have night classes and you can customize your flowchart to your company’s schedule.

My company is in branding so I really needed to catch up on Marketing. To be honest, it was not one of my strengths but Benilde equipped me to get ahead in my field.”

Michael Aldrich Ramos-Cruz Benilde Marketing Management Student Director for Business Development, Mighty Phoenix Toll Packaging Corporation

“Benilde gave me very good accesses to big companies like  Shangri-La. Because of Benilde, I was able to work abroad and jumpstart my career in the culinary industry.

As Benildeans, we’re not just going to be regular employees. We’re meant to be leaders in the industry.”

Pauline Escalante
Benilde HRIM-Culinary Arts Graduate
Chief Finance Officer, Pantree Food Concepts

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