To the inventive, unicorns can be real

The School of Design and Arts (SDA) offers a wide scope of degree programs in specialized creative disciplines that meet the demands of today’s information driven world.

As prerequisite to the major design subjects, SDA students undergo art exposure and exploration with accomplished artists and scholars of the Design Foundation Program.

Hands on, unconventional approaches to meaningful projects allow young creatives to enhance their visual vocabulary, conceptualization and creation skills to prepare them for their major subjects.

The School of Design and Arts (SDA) Campus, a 14-storey academic complex, is one big playground for creative minds and a venue that stimulates students to think out of the box, shift perspectives, and innovate ideas.

Primed to be in their prime

SDA Programs are supplemented by various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities where students are encouraged to join.

These activities are designed to let the students experience real-world application of their learnings in their programs.

On Maiden Lane, an exhibit from the Production Design program, featured works from the costume design, stage and craft, scene design, history of furniture, advertising design, and stage effect classes. It focused on re-inventing and innovating on Shakespeare’s work, with reference to the Globe’s motto: Totus mundus agit histrionem (Because all the world is a playground, from Petronius) as playfulness is also a sign and source of resourcefulness, inventiveness and creativity.

Benilde Animation is Grand Winner in Animahenasyon.

Arduino is an open source electronic platform for interactive projects. Benilde invited Brazilian architect Orion Campos to train faculty to use and maximize this platform.

Turn your passion into a career.