How do you tell a story with lines and shapes?

In the Bachelor of Arts in Animation program, we merge the latest digital technology with limitless imagination and compelling storytelling. At your disposal are industry-level technology, systems and software. But stretch the boundaries of your creativity and you have something more powerful in your hands: a world brought to life with visual elegance and narrative brilliance.

This course is for you if you want to create moving works of art. You will learn to:

• apply the elements and principles of 2D, 3D and experimental animation;
• strike a balance between commercial and fine art animation;
• apply best practices in animation production;
• practice your skills through an internship program; and
• promote your skills and your work using contemporary business marketing strategies.

Program Length
10 Trimesters


Visual Development Artist
2D Animator/Motion Graphic Artist
3D Animator
Experimental/Stop Motion Animator
Character Designer
BG Artist
Comic Artist
Storyboard Artist
Animation Producer
Animation Director
Art Director

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