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The School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS) strives to become a leading learner-centered educational institution in Deaf Education that promotes equal access to opportunities and addresses the diverse needs of its students and professionals. It develops the students to become leader-advocates who are capable and committed to making positive contributions in their communities, and the nation at large.

SDEAS ensures that Deaf Heritage is preserved and Deaf culture is valued and nurtured.

SDEAS strives to provide holistic education to the students through the Center for Deaf Esteem and Formation (CDEAF) and the Center for Partnership and Development (CPD) who works as curricular complement to the Center for Academics. CDEAF programs include academic support, leadership and involvement, sports, performing arts, social responsibility, volunteering, spiritual and faith programs. CDEAF also manages the Deaf festival and school-wide celebrations and events. SDEAS networks with various government, non-government entities, disability organizations, and industries through CPD. Part of SDEAS’ advocacy is to enable the hearing people to engage with the Deaf in providing internship, business opportunity, training, advocacy, mentoring, and employment opportunities.

The Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST) program allows the Deaf to study their identity, language, culture and communities. Through this, they are able to volunteer, lead, mentor, and advocate for their rights, self determined, and work for the realization of their full potential. Students enrolled in the BAPDST program are also prepared to be employable and may choose between 3 tracks: Entrepreneurship, Visual Media Arts and Business Outsourcing Services and Management.

Entrepreneurship prepares Deaf students to start up, operate and manage micro to small-level business.

The Visual Media Arts track prepares students for careers related to graphic design and computer imaging.

The Business Outsourcing Services and Management prepares the Deaf to harness the power of digital computing by learning computer programming, IT services, data analytics, and non-voice customer care.

Program Length


10 Terms

Sign Language Instructor
NGO Worker
Community Advocacy Associate
College Instructor Handling Deaf Studies Course
Graphic Designer
Marketing Associate
Business Production Assistant
Data Processor/Data Entry Specialist
Web Designer
Computer Imaging
Data Analysts
Web designers – front end and back end
App designers and developers
Search engine optimizers
Data entry specialists
Accounts support
Technical support

Filipino Sign Language (FSL)

Learn how to sign through the Filipino Sign Language Learning Program (FSLLP). The program is a certificate course open to all Deaf and Hearing individuals from Benilde and the general public who want to communicate using sign language. FSL classes are handled by Deaf instructors who integrate visual-gestural strategies with community interaction, allowing you to experience first-hand the Deaf’s language and culture.

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