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The Bachelor in Sign Language Interpretation (BSLI) is a 3-year program designed to equip students with necessary linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to become professional sign language interpreters. Through its comprehensive curriculum in Filipino Sign Language (FSL) development, linguistics, history, interpreting theories and techniques, as well as mentoring opportunities, field assignments in various interpreting areas and research, BSLI prepares its graduates to become not only language facilitators but also cultural ambassadors between Deaf and hearing communities.

This course is for you if you value equal rights for everyone. You will learn to:

  • apply source language equivalence in the target language using principles of linguistic and paralinguistic markers, as well as cultural and contextual clues to facilitate accurate interpretation of the message;
  • monitor the interpreting process (self and peer) using appropriate tools/ methods to improve the quality of interpretation;
  • identify the uniqueness of and diversity within the Deaf and hearing cultures to facilitate bicultural interaction;
  • analyze existing practices, policies and guidelines in accordance with global standards of inclusion (UN CRPD), and advocate for its implementation to ensure equal participation;
  • assess ethical issues and professional practices based on established code of ethics and professional code of conduct;
  • encourage professional development through research and training opportunities on and off campus; and
  • apply self-care practices by monitoring and managing all domains of wellness to promote individual well being.

Program Length
9 Trimesters

Sign Language Instructor
NGO Worker
Deaf Course College Instructor

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