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The HRIM-Travel and Tourism Management Track grooms you for a successful career in the fields of travel, recreation, sports leisure management, lodging, and food service. You learn the cultural and personal inclinations and expectations of travelers in order to facilitate the most fulfilling journeys and experiences.

This course is for you if you love to travel and hope to encourage that same love in every traveler. You will learn to:

• understand and appreciate different local and international cultures and practices;
• serve the various travel needs of different clients;
• knowledgeably direct tourists to places within the country and the world in line with their travel objectives;
• speak a foreign language;
• develop customer-oriented attitudes and demeanor expected of a professional tourism practitioner; and
• practice your profession and manage your business profitably by applying contemporary marketing, business and accounting strategies.

Program Length
10 Trimesters

Airline Manager
Event Organizer
Flight Attendant
Tour Operator
Travel Agent
Travel Entrepreneur
Travel Writer
Tour Escorts/Travel Guides
Transport Operator

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