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Human Resource Management (9AM-12NN)

Film (9AM-12NN)

  • Our Bachelor of Arts in Film program combines motion picture production techniques with digital technology to create the cinema of the future. In the process, we produce versatile graduates immersed in all elements of filmmaking: directing, producing, screenwriting, editing, sound mixing, cinematography, and production design.

Hospitality Management (1PM-4PM)

  • The HRIM-Hospitality Management Track teaches you the essential principles of managing hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. In the process, you oversee diverse functions of the business, from accounting and finance to marketing and human resources.

Business Management (1PM-4PM)

Marketing Management (1PM-4PM)

Culinary Arts (1PM-4PM)

  • The HRIM-Culinary Arts Track equips you with the fundamentals of food preparation and food service. It sharpens your management and critical thinking skills for you to become chefs, managers, and leaders in the industry.

Music Production (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Music Production program reflects the diversity of musical experience—mixing sounds, composing songs, producing musical performances—to ensure that your learning remains relevant in the music business.

Dance (9AM-12NN)

  • In the Bachelor in Performing Arts, Major in Dance program, students experience the creative process and disciplined training of dance while developing an awareness of its historical and cultural aspects. Technique classes in Dance are offered alongside theoretical studies in dance history, criticism, and teaching methodologies. These courses deepen the artist’s appreciation for how his/her craft is a powerful form of expression that can enrich a culture and transform a society.

Arts Management (9AM-12NN)

  • In the Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management program, while you become proficient in art history, theory and criticism, you also learn the systems and technologies of institutions and businesses that run on creativity, art, and design. As an arts manager, you will be in a position to create the conditions, spaces and interfaces in which art and cultural activity can happen and be sustained.

Tourism Management (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a redefined tourism program that empowers learners to tell compelling stories through new media, promote sustainable investments, or foster long and lasting relations that boost the culture and livelihood of a destination.

Governance and Public Affairs (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Public Affairs program combines the philosophy of liberal arts education, social sciences and practical aspects of public affairs management. The program will prepare you for management and technical careers in public policy and program administration in the government, private, NGOs, international organizations and humanitarian agencies. You can take AB-GPA as a pre-law program.

Real Estate Management (9AM-12NN)

  • The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management program is for those who want to practice or offer professional advice in brokerage, management and development of the real estate lands, properties, and projects. It incorporates the concepts of business management and green building technology to prepare students to be proactive and responsive to the environment.

Architecture (9AM-12NN)

  • The Bachelor of Science in Architecture program brings together fundamental concerns in the contemporary culture through its global networks of institutional collaborators. Ensuring that the students will have the necessary tool to design purposefully towards inventive and sustainable solutions, delivered by a diverse collection of mentors, expands the traditional definition of architecture.

Theatre Arts (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts program promises a dazzling cast of actors, directors, producers, and designers as professors and mentors. You don’t always need to be at centerstage and in the spotlight to experience the most intense and immense environments of the performing arts. As a student and apprentice, you will be exposed to all the facets of performance and stage craft even as you specialize in one of our two tracks: Acting or Production. In the long run, all the world’s a stage and in Benilde you get to play many extraordinary parts.

Interior Design (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design program explores spaces where people live, work, and play. Behind every complementing shape, light, color, and surface is a meticulous Benildean designer who makes interiors sustainable, useful and delightful to those who inhabit them.

Fashion Design and Merchandising (9AM-12NN)

  • Committed to innovation, the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising program offers a nurturing environment where young minds are enriched through in-campus and off-campus learning experiences. Its forward-thinking curriculum marries the traditional with the state-of-the-art, giving fashion students more freedom to explore and experiment with design and merchandising ideas.

Industrial Design (9AM-12NN)

  • In the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design program, you innovate solutions to optimize the function and value of a product for the benefit of its users. These solutions, while they are functional, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing, ultimately enhance the quality of life and culture of people. Our program is a quest to integrate design philosophies with technology to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

Cybersecurity (1PM-4PM)

  • Cybersecurity requires technical and managerial expertise in areas of data protection, incident response and security threat assessment. The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of cybersecurity across various fundamental areas like network security and vulnerability assessment, information security policy and governance, digital forensics, and ethical hacking.

Export Management (1PM-4PM)

  • As an Export Management student, you keep an eye on up-and-coming products while tracking trends and movements in the global economy. This program is the pioneer export-oriented business course in the country and it merges the essentials of the export industry, namely product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, with entrepreneurship and new strategies and technologies in international trading.

Production Design (9AM-12NN)

  • Production designers do more than just create sets. They build worlds, revive eras, and conceive characters. In the Bachelor of Arts in Production Design program, students learn about theater and film design, art history, and media studies as they dabble in stagecraft, prosthetics, and costume construction.

Multimedia Arts (9AM-12NN)

  • The first of its kind in the country, our Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts program prepares a new generation of storytellers to have a flair for the visual language and ability to enhance the communication experience. It combines core skills in the communication, interface design, and programming for various user-driven applications such as digital and print media, web content and design, mobile content, interactive games and content, and exhibit installations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics (1PM-4PM)

Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (1PM-4PM)

  • Our Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program is a hybrid discipline which combines the technical, art, and business aspects of gaming. As you build your portfolio of games ranging from small interactive mobile applications to complex PC- and console-based systems, you are also trained on how to run and manage a game development studio. As a student, you can enter one of two majors: Game Development or Game Art.

Computer Applications (9AM-12NN)

  • As technology steers our way of life in the Digital Age, there are those who navigate industries through Information Technology. In the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Computer Applications program, you become proficient in business-solving methods and management techniques while you gain training in constructing and implementing organization-specific IT systems to streamline business operations and boost productivity.

Information Systems (9AM-12NN)

  • Through the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems program, you acquire an in-depth understanding of how information and technology-enabled business processes increase the overall performance and responsiveness of organizations. With your technical knowledge in computers, software and mobile communications, you have the ability to analyze, design, and engineer information system solutions for business, academe, and government.

Photography (9AM-12NN)

  • What distinguishes a Benildean photographer is his/her ability to astonish an audience with new perspectives, angles, and interpretations. In the Bachelor of Arts in Photography program, our students’ goals are to have an intuitive mastery of light, a deep grounding in technique, and a genuine connection with the subject.

International Hospitality Management (9AM-12NN)

Diplomacy and International Affairs (1PM-4PM)

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs program makes aspiring diplomats competent in servicing foreign affairs offices and related institutions, either in the public sector or civil society. In this program, you will learn and understand the concepts, theories and laws involved in international relations and how these are applied in the practice of diplomacy, with national development as frame of reference. You will also learn how to appreciate a culture of research for informed decision-making, problem-solving, and policy-making. You can take AB-DIA as a pre-law program.

Animation (1PM-4PM)

  • In the Bachelor of Arts in Animation program, we merge the latest digital technology with limitless imagination and compelling storytelling. At your disposal are industry-level technology, systems and software. But stretch the boundaries of your creativity and you have something more powerful in your hands: a world brought to life with visual elegance and narrative brilliance.

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