Step 1: Complete the Application Forms

Register online, print application form and submit together with all admission requirements to the Admissions Center. Read the The Benilde Book for more information about program offerings.

Important! There are other requirements for applicants who changed schools during high school, high school graduates who have never entered college, international students, Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) and Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems (BALS) cases and non-Filipino and dual citizens. Please refer to the The Benilde Book.


Step 2: Submit Application Forms

Visit the Benilde Admissions Center to submit your requirements. A representative may do this step for you. Prepare the non-refundable admission processing fee of PhP600.00 (for Filipino citizens) and US$50 (Non-Filipino citizens).

Upon submission of complete application requirements and payment of the application processing fee, you will be given a Benildean Entrance Examination (BEE) test permit.

Admission Timetable


Step 3: Take the Benildean Entrance Exam

Take the Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE) on the specified date. Take note of the following BEE test-taking guidelines:

  • Bring the following:
    • BEE Test Permit (No test permit, no exam)
    • Two (2) pencils
    • Jacket or sweater
    • Snacks for the 15-minute break

  • Examinees must be at the designated assembly area 15 minutes before exam time.
  • Latecomers will not be allowed to take the test. They are required to go to the Admissions Center for a new examination schedule in case other schedules are available.
  • Scratch papers will be provided. The use of calculator, dictionary, ruler, thesaurus and other aids are not allowed.


Step 4: View Application Results

Obtain the application results as directed. Application results may be accessed through the Online Application Inquiry page. If you do not receive your results, please inquire directly at the Benilde Admissions Center.

Benilde Admission Online Application