HIFI Incubation - müü.håå SS 2021 Editor's Note

by müü.håå
28 January 2021


This is Abraham Guardian, one of the two creative directors of müü.håå! How are you doing?

If you are wondering why these two names sound familiar it's because the same minds who came up with the iconic & artisanal brand HÄ.MÜ have decided to officially venture out into a diffusion brand with a different direction and mood so you can get to enjoy the different visions and ideas we have, under one creative spectrum.

So what is müü.håå and what does it have to offer? Well for starters müü.håå focuses on uniform-like pieces that can be mixed and matched easily with your existing pieces found in your closet. These pieces were designed with the intention of making sure that when wearing the pieces from the brand, they will look and feel easy but also stylish and fashion forward.

A little backstory of how this idea came about. In 2019, we were approached by the Benilde Hub of Innovation For Inclusion (Benilde HiFi) if we would like to be part of their incubation program wherein they focus on helping out start up companies and brands with their ideas and turning them into a functioning output. At that time, Mamu & I both had plans and goals on pursuing HA.MÜ on a long term scale. We had plans on expanding out the team but we were not sure on how to go about doing that. Through their incubation program we were able to get mentorship through professionals from our field and we were also able to study management practices that we could use to better manage our brand. Towards the end of 2019, Mamu and I have decided that we should venture out into doing a diffusion brand that will focus on a different style and direction towards the way we design and conceptualise our clothes. This was the birth of müü.håå.

All this was going smoothly until the pandemic hit and by April 2020, the entire program was put on hold. We both felt lost with where we stand in the fashion business. We did not know what the future of fashion was going to be and what impact did the pandemic have towards our industry. We originally had designed a small collection that was inspired by a collection we did on HA.MÜ but we were unsure if these pieces would still be relevant to the current situation we were in.

In June 2020, We were lucky we got to work with Esme Palaganas of Basic Movement for the Mask for Masks project where we were able to experience our version of "mass production" and eventually we also got to understand the new direction of where fashion was headed. By August of 2020, Esme was officially part of the müü.håå team as a mentor. Through our mentorship with her, we were able to better understand the branding we were trying to achieve with our diffusion brand alongside with the differentiation between the two brands we now run and manage: HA.MÜ & müü.håå. We ended the crazy year with completing our prototypes and perfecting how we wanted our first small collection of uniform-like pieces to turn out.

We are proud to announce that müü.håå launched its e-commerce site where you can make your transactions easily. We worked really hard on making sure that these pieces would turn out perfect and high quality so you could enjoy them all year long without having to worry about going out of trend.

We would like to say thank you to Benilde HiFi for their sup­port in these trying times.

Follow us on our lnstagram at @_muu.haa_ and Facebook page at @shop.muuhaa. Exciting times! So enjoy and see you guys!

Under the Hub of Innovation For Inclusion’s (HiFi) HomebrewED program, the müü.haa diffusion line of wearable artsy pieces made from upcycled deadstock fabric was born. HiFi is an innovation space for social good in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and beyond. We incubate ideas and projects that are people-focused, planet-sustaining, profit-generating, and purpose-driven.