Benilde Is the Benchmark for Innovation in DLSP

Br. Armin Luistro FSC (2004-2006)

It has in its very DNA the capacity and the creativity to keep experimenting ad infinitum.


Benilde has in its very DNA the capacity and the creativity to keep experimenting ad infinitum, to keep looking for new ways, new programs, some of them very expensive, without any guarantee because that’s where innovation comes. When you’re not sure whether the program you will start will actually end up as truly successful that means you’re also ready to fail. Part of my hope is that as the the College of Saint Benilde documents its 30 year history it does not fall into the temptation of just recording its successes. Part of that beautiful history are the many innovations that it went through but failed, and that’s a wonderful story of what institutions should be.


In DLSP, Benilde still is the model and the benchmark for innovation, for institutions that unravel rather than pre-define itself before it is even established, an institution that learns from its own experiments and does not have to necessarily look at benchmarks elsewhere because there are none. Among the DLSP schools, I think there is a clear understanding that if you are looking for innovation you look for it, at least in higher education, at the College of Saint Benilde.


Private education has the capacity, and I would say the mandate to push for innovation. The bureaucracy, and systems in general are not meant to come up with new things everytime. By its very nature, the public school systems, the state universities and even revered institutions like De La Salle tend to institutionalize programs. But in education, there has to be a group of schools, rare it may be who will keep pushing for new ways of doing things, new programs that are not yet in the roster today, new modalities that will allow even those without qualifications, formal, to teach. Education that tends to be too rigid finds itself irrelevant over time. And while you cannot expect that the bureaucracy and institutions continue to trailblaze in innovation, the country and DLSP needs the College of Saint Benilde to push for all of these new programs, all of these new experiments beyond what accrediting agencies can already review and audit so that these can be models that institutions can use if they want to push for something new.

Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC

Lasallian education is an education that caters to everyone especially the last, the lost and the least; Inclusivity is now a big part of Benilde’s identity.

Benilde Is a School Without Boundaries

Br. Victor Franco FSC

First, teach minds, second, touch hearts and third, transform lives.

To Be Prepared for Living, Not Just for a Living

Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC

Innovation is a response to our desire to be more inclusive in a world where people are marginalized.

Innovation for Inclusion

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde celebrates its 30th anniversary through an exhibit that highlights the values of the school and its role in society.