Benilde Is a School Without Boundaries

Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC (2006-2007)

Lasallian education is an education that caters to everyone especially the last, the lost and the least; Inclusivity is now a big part of Benilde’s identity.


Back in 2000, as Chairman of the Board of the College of Saint Benilde, in order to understand what the school was I went to see Br Andrew. I wanted to ask him what his idea was of the College. It was very clear in his mind that the programs in CSB would not duplicate the programs of DLSU. They were mostly programs in the arts. Br Andrew’s vision for the DLSU system was really grand. He got the medical center, Araneta as an agricultural school, he had no school that catered to the arts so CSB was the logical school for it.


Lasallian education is an education that caters to everyone especially the last, the lost and the least. It's a quality of Lasallian education, it’s a component of Lasallian education that we are inclusive and as you can see in the College of Saint Benilde you have a school for the Deaf. Inclusivity is a big part now of the identity of the College of Saint Benilde.


I’m very happy at the way Benilde has grown, it’s a school of first choice now. I think it has programs that are excellent, it can stand on its own. Its population is bigger than we ever envisioned when I was in the Board. I hope it continues to grow.


I always say this, Benilde is like a school without any boundaries. You know when you say push the envelope? There was no envelope to push. Perhaps after 30 years it has an identity already but I hope Benilde continues to push outside of the box, to push the envelope and continue to have cutting edge programs.

Br. Armin Luistro FSC

It has in its very DNA the capacity and the creativity to keep experimenting ad infinitum.

Benilde Is the Benchmark for Innovation in DLSP

Br. Victor Franco FSC

First, teach minds, second, touch hearts and third, transform lives.

To Be Prepared for Living, Not Just for a Living

Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC

Innovation is a response to our desire to be more inclusive in a world where people are marginalized.

Innovation for Inclusion

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde celebrates its 30th anniversary through an exhibit that highlights the values of the school and its role in society.