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The Master in International Business (MIB) is a one-year degree graduate program for businessmen and professional managers who want to make their firms more competitive in the local market, expand their operations outside the Philippines, or make their market position stronger in the international or global markets. Whether thesis-track or non-thesis track, the MIB program provide graduate students the hard skills in managing the operational as well as the strategic aspects of the business in an ever challenging and dynamic markets.

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The Master in Human Resource Management (MHRM) program is a one and a half year modular program that equips those in the Human Resource field with appropriate tools and skills to make effective decisions.

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The Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management (MSTHM) program has three tracks of specialization: Culinary Management, Tourism Management, and Hospitality Management. MSTHM trains hospitality professionals to become sharp and critical decision-makers, who have strong foundations in the business and science of hospitality and strategic development competencies in food products, travel, and service industries.

Where academe and tourism meet

The Doctoral degrees in Tourism and Hospitality Management prepare individuals for teaching and research-based careers in academia or as industry practitioners and field consultants in hospitality and tourism enterprises. It provides an opportunity to engage in innovative leadership, research and value formation that furthers society’s understanding of the unique industry characteristics.

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