Application Period is from August 1, 2019-October 30, 2019

Application is open only to incoming Freshmen for SY 2020-21

Second degree applicants are not eligible for a scholarship/grant




  1. Students may apply and avail of only one scholarship or grant.
  2. Requirements for each scholarship or grant are different.
  3. All scholarships/grants are only until the degree program duration as determined by flowcharts.
  4. The Benildean Entrance Examination (BEE) is the only exam taken but each scholarship or grant has a required cut off score in the BEE which is higher than the admission score to a degree program.
  5. Different retention policies apply per scholarship or grant type.



  1. Formally apply to the Admissions Center for the Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE). Note: The case number and date of your BEE are needed for application for a scholarship
  2. Proceed to the Student Grants Office (SGO). Present your case number and BEE test date.
  3. Formally apply for the chosen scholarship/grant and submit all requirements BEFORE the BEE.
  4. Take the BEE.
  5. Wait for the results of your scholarship application on or before April 15, 2020.

Student Grants Office

SGO ensures the College’s commitment to its mission to make Benildean-Lasallian education more accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds.

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