What Is BOLT

The Benilde Online Learning Term (BOLT) offers over 200 carefully selected courses to be conducted by content experts/faculty members with a high level of proficiency in online teaching. Online classes will be coursed through BigSky, Benilde’s official learning management system, which presents the tools and materials for lessons.  


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BOLT Subjects

Courses offered will be done online with synchronous and asynchronous mode of learning to ensure the maximum potential of distance learning. It aims to achieve the right balance of independent learning with constant learning support from their teachers and the student support services.


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Student Learning Support

To ensure that all students’ needs are addressed, the Student Learning Support is offered in various aspects such as in academic procedures, tutorial services, technical support, skills development, health and wellness, and in their overall holistic development.


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Be a BOLT Volunteer

Our BOLT Volunteering Program allows students to improve their skills and become servant leaders through participating in activities on educational technology, graphic design, sign language interpretation, video production, collaborative work and others.


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About Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies