The Benilde Online Learning Term (BOLT) offers over 200 carefully selected courses, to be conducted by content experts/faculty members with a high level of proficiency in online teaching.  


Online classes will be coursed through BigSky, Benilde’s official learning management system, which presents the tools and materials for lessons.  


Professors may likewise utilize platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, and Skype to facilitate meetings, while sites such as Google Drive or YouTube may be used for file sharing.  


Requirements for online courses are parallel to the course syllabus, while class participation will be based on the student’s activity in online discussions.  


The online courses will only have two to four synchronous meetings. Majority of the sessions can be carried out offline, without seeing the faculty mentor and classmates in real time. This set-up allows the students to manage their own study hours.  


Since BOLT is purely voluntary, all its course offerings will be available again on the next term. There will be no Dean’s Listers, in consideration of those unable to enroll to the online classes.  


In addition to ensuring the continuous learning in the safety of their homes, the online learning option provides an opportunity for those who wish to pursue their education with a minimal cost compared to the face-to-face regular term. It allows students to save on allowances and fares, considering the time intended for travels to and from campus.  

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Student Learning Support Team

This team is in charge of providing support to the students in different aspects where they encounter difficulties in an online platform of studying. These include tutorials, self-development modules, (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, environmental) and technology assistance. It aims to help students enhance their soft skills in a holistic way to survive in the new class setting.


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Production Team

The group is in charge of providing support for teachers in creating video to be used in online class. It aims to help teachers become creative and innovative in their strategies to make their class more enjoyable to the students.

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Sign Language Interpreting Team

In charge of providing all interpreting services to the students to contribute to their learning. It aims to provide access in all activities related to academics’ concern of the students as well as the teachers.

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Curriculum Development Team

These associates are in charge of enhancing the curriculum to make it Deaf-friendly considering the use of online technology. It aims to provide good and meaningful strategies, methods and even assessment for student's learning. It also guides the teachers to facilitate the inclusive learning in class.