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Batch 116



College of Saint Benilde Graduate Students


This course will further equip you with the pertinent knowledge, transferable skills, abilities, and behavior that will help you discern what it entails to thrive in the external environment (world of work/professional, personal, and spiritual life). Such an understanding will lead you to make informed decisions using communication, analysis, synthesis, valuing, and execution as a process framework. You will also attend class sessions and seminars which will introduce you to experts who will share with your actual work and life experiences. You are expected to come up with reflection papers and projects that would demonstrate your ability to apply learned concepts in career development and life skills after college.



Nature and Dynamics of Filipino Deaf Community


This course is an exploration of the nature and dynamics of existing Deaf communities in the Philippines. The relationship and distinction between Deaf community and Deaf culture will also be taken up with emphasis on the significant role of each other. Community identity shall be traced and understood through the exploration of various factors within the Deaf community, their personal and interpersonal relations with the Deaf members and the hearing world, and the bigger society. The course will also tackle the nature and dynamics of existing Deaf organizations and their struggles for the welfare, rights and career opportunities of the Deaf. The course seeks to guide students to analyze how aspects of Deaf culture and the changing perspectives of the Deaf through history contribute or hinder the success of their communities.



Health Education (Anatomy/Physiology)


This course is designed primarily for you who are anxious to learn more about yourself as an organism. The science of anatomy and physiology has considerable practical applications that will facilitate greater understanding of the strengths and limitations of your body, and how to properly care for it to ensure optimal health. Furthermore, this course will also help you as a Deaf student to understand your own uniqueness in relation to your physical structure and function, as we discuss the etiology of deafness and how science has responded to the various needs of Deaf people.


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Batch 117



Gender Sensitivity: Breaking the Chains of Bias, Violence and Discrimination


The course examines the nature of personal identity of women and men their perceived identity of the

other, how these influence their social relations in mainstream society and how these upheld' perceptions impact on the Deaf community. It aims to develop a clear understanding and awareness of the roles of men and women in building a just society and evokes a concern for existing gender bias and power play.



National Service Training Program 1

This course will help you identify ways to be of service to others and to the country by discussing imperative topics that relate self to the bigger society. Relevant interactive discussions, direct/indirect instructions and various structured learning exercises will help you understand the diverse factors affecting the society nowadays. We believe that by knowing the intricacies of social realities and how it is connected to self, your role in the society as a youth, as a Filipino and as a Benildean will be defined.


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Batch 118



Asean Studies


ASEAN Studies is an opportunity for you to understand and appreciate the unfolding narratives of this regional integration in the era of globalization. As part of the so – called ASEAN community, you will examine the reasons and processes why ASEAN happened in the first place and later on, you will comprehend the contribution of this so-called project to our country, immediate community, school and to yourself. History and development of ASEAN will be thoroughly discussed; you will trace the historical venture and journey in the formation of ASEAN.



History of Filipino Deaf Community


In this course, you will explore and understand the nature and dynamics of past and existing Deaf communities in the Philippines. The course will help you to trace the history of Deaf organizations, schools and other communities as they struggled for the welfare, rights and career opportunities of the Deaf in order to enrich your appreciation of the people and events that have made significant contributions to the Filipino Deaf community. It will also guide you to reflect on the perspectives of Deaf people on varied issues, which either contributed or hindered the improvement of their lives in the communities where they belong and in reflecting, you will be able to discover how you can contribute to such initiatives. Through researches, visual projects, interviews, and exhibits, you will be able to express and show the insights you have gained in this subject, which can help you to appreciate the uniqueness, and historical roots of your identity and language thus lead you to a better understanding of yourself and the Deaf community at large.


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Batch 119



Health Education

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... or is it? Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your body from the most basic unit of life that are cells to the most complicated processes happening in your organs? What makes a habit healthy? Look no further for your answers than here in HEAEDUC, your one stop course for everything and anything health-related. Part-science, part-arts (and definitely loads of fun!) this course will take you on a journey into the forms and functions of your body systems and guide you in the art of healthy living. Health Education --- feeding your mind and body for a healthier, beautiful you.



Psychology of Deaf People


This course helps you better understand yourselves as Deaf individuals. It lets you explore and understand the concepts, theories and researches specifically related to the psychological

behavior of Deaf children and adults. It helps explain why you as Deaf individuals act as such and connect these behaviors to underlying theories. This course also leads you to an adventure into the historical, contemporary, and future philosophical directions in educating Deaf people. Through readings on deaf psychology, interviews, film showing and other enriching activities, you will be able to connect the theories learned with actual experiences of Deaf people.