In Italy, pasta is part of the national diet, becoming an important characteristic of the Italian meal. It is a much loved product, used in numerous recipes, served with sauces, used in soups and enriched with great flair and imagination. Gnocchi are small, roundish pieces of dough made from various ingredients that are baked or boiled and served with a sauce or condiment.


This module aims to explain the importance of ingredient ratios in the preparation of pasta and gnocchi dough. Apply the ratios and produce their own pasta and gnocchi dough while demonstrating proper mixing, rolling, handling, and shaping techniques. They will also prepare sauces that will serve as an accompaniment to their pasta and gnocchi dishes.

2020 - 1st Run

March 7

2020 - 2nd Run

July 4


2020 - 3rd Run

September 5


08:00 - 14:00

Module Fee

₱ 3,985

*inlcusive of ingredients

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