Executive Leadership Diploma Program (ELDP) is an opportunity for professionals to explore multiple functions and speak the language of different disciplines. It is based on the growing need for leaders to possess multi-disciplinary competencies and to leverage on cross-functional synergies. Completing the ELDP is attainable within a year, and is even faster for past or existing SPaCE students.


As work and organizations become increasingly complex and interdependent, it is critical to break through functional silos and to work towards integrated solutions.


The ELDP familiarizes practitioners with diverse specializations, which enables them to be more agile and strategic in leading their organization. This is especially valuable for leaders of small and medium-sized organizations and family businesses where management of different functions is necessary and crucial.

The ELP Framework

If you have already completed a Diploma Program or is in the process of doing so, you only need to take the remaining modules in order to complete the ELP.

By accomplishing 1 to 3 modules from among the SPaCE major Diploma Programs, professionals can work their way towards the ELP credential, while also building a broader network as compared to being in only one Diploma Program.

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