In considering today’s challenges, the world  currently “needs a system that goes beyond the limiting pursuit of profit to serving a broader social purpose. One that rewards employment of its principles towards solving bigger social issues: poverty, wealth distribution, climate change, human development and sustenance. 


These can judge when growth and wealth is enough, so we can slow down accumulating and accelerate sharing: a system that can balance raising economic standards with greater stability and equality; that acknowledges that relentless pursuit of profit and size, like cancer, is dangerous for the survival of the whole.”Thus, the creation of this program.

“We are not here to merely earn a living and to create value for our shareholders. We are here to enrich the world and make it a finer place to live. We will impoverish ourselves if we fail to do so.” 

~ Woodrow Wilson

2020 - 1st Run


2020 - 2nd Run


12:00 - 20:30

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