Doing business has always been seen as a game with winners and losers. No matter how you look at it, winning is a primary objective of all businesses, whether big or small. It may be that “winning” has a different meaning for every business, but, in one way or another, we all want to win.


Whether you are a market leader, challenger or follower, the critical point to remember is that playing the game does not equate to winning the game. The game is all about changing how the game is played. Competing based on products, prices and customer service is no longer enough. We need to continuously look for areas that we can innovate to produce dramatic positive results.

This seminar focuses on how to inject game-change ideas into your strategic planning and review. The intensity and gravity of how you change the game can range from a simple fine-tuning to a complete overhaul. However, the key is to know where to start and how to apply the game-change strategies to your advantage.

2020 - 1st Run


2020 - 2nd Run


09:00 - 20:30

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REINVENT. Learn for Life.

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