With its unprecedented power and usefulness, Python has become of the hottest and fastest growing programming language since it was launched and is become one of the buzzwords in Digital Transformations together with other domains in the Pantheon of Technology – Data Science and Big Data.


Data Science is a multi-disciplinary skill in Statistics/ Data Mining, Computer Science and Business Management. Data Science was regarded as the solution to provide scalable insights based on Big Data. The advancement in Technology makes these domains and areas visible to almost all big industries today. Big enterprises invested huge amount of money to install Data Science team in their organization to take care and manage Big Data infrastructures and architecture.


Prior to Pandemic Outbreak, these companies are continuously reaping success and not being swayed down because of the successful deployment of Artificial Intelligence Technology, Machine Learning, Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and other areas of Data Science.


Skills in Statistics, Data Mining or Data Wrangling was successfully used and applied to these companies and areas because of the Computer Programming Language such as Python. Business Models was carefully curated by experts in Business Management. Thus, Data Science was regarded as the sexiest job in the 20th Century because it encapsulated a wide spectrum of knowledge, skills, and expertise.


Based on Stack Overflow Developer’s Survey in 2019, Python was regarded as the second and the most preferred language with 73% of the developers are choosing it over other programming languages and is expected to dominate the Marketplace for Programming Languages.


This course is intended for everyone who are aiming to upskills their programming skills. This is intended for all type of users from Novice to Expert. Anyone who have no prior experience in programming can take this course and for anyone who would like to learn the Python Programming Language for upskilling purposes.


2020 Run

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1100 to 1900

7 hours a week


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