This module covers the broad stroke introduction to what Organization Development (OD) is all about and its difference with Human Resource Management (HRM). Depending on which reference book and author one reads, OD and HR are complementary and not in competition, nor one is subservient to the other or vice versa.


The module will briefly introduce participants to the theories that formed the basis for Organization Development as an independent field of study, the traditional tools of analyzing (OD Diagnostic Tools) organizations, the traditional plans and programs (OD Interventions) necessary to make a high performing organization and the modern counterpart of these “traditions” as applied in today’s VUCA world.


Participants will also be exposed to various case situations (culled from reputable business journal & magazine) that transformed and changed itself to organizations that conforms to OD ideals i.e. healthy, effective and high performing organizations.

2020 - 1st Run



2020 - 2nd Run



8 hours a week
3 hours synchronous | 5 hours asycnhronous


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