National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is widely-used, globally recognized and adopted regulatory resource in building design and construction in reference to building code compliance pertaining to life safety, fire, electrical, and other hazards related to building design and construction.  Authorities having jurisdictions (AHJs) worldwide are adopting NFPA along with International Building Code (IBC) (Both codes are interchangeably referred to as ‘Code’ in this document).

The added benefits in applying and adopting the provisions of NFPA and IBC are the third party laboratory testing and certifications that support and comply through validation of various provisions of the building code.

This module’s key initiative is to adhere with RA 9266 mandate to develop professional architects’ practice to “world-class and globally competitive” and conversely to meet the challenges brought by ASEAN economic integration, it is paramount to raise the technical competency of Filipino architects in international building code and relevant industry standards to keep abreast of the statutes governing the construction industry.

2020 - 1st Run


2020 - 2nd Run


12:00 - 20:30

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