This module tackles the glass ceiling effect: problems women in leadership face when climbing the career ladder.  The program is developed for the Filipina  executive-- it considers the unique Filipino culture and development of the Filipino personality. It is grounded in Filipino psychology and robust psychological theories that focus on behavior and ways of learning.


Through the program, participants will identify, fortify and maximize female qualities that are assets in leadership and develop skills in influencing key stakeholders. On a personal level, the participants will be able to identify personal saboteurs and then recalibrate towards new ways of thinking -- more resilient, more creative. They will also build a career action plan.


This course is designed for women who are already in management posts with team leadership responsibilities and women who are business owners and entrepreneurs. Shared experiences from participants are a major learning component of the course.

2020 - 1st Run

Feb. 29, Mar. 7, 14

2020 - 2nd Run

Jun. 20, 27, Jul. 4

12:00 - 20:30

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REINVENT. Learn for Life.

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