Benilde's Academic Evolution Through Harvard Business Publishing Education

27 February 2024

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) is pushing forward with its commitment to providing education like no other by adopting course materials and resources from Harvard Business Publishing Education (HBP Education) as part of the college’s efforts to advance its various degree programs. HBP Education is a division of Harvard Business Publishing, a not-for-profit, independent corporation that is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. The resources and assets of HBP Education provides educators and students multifaceted and globally informed educational journeys. Benilde Chancellor Benhur Ong proudly states, “The HBP Education subscription allows the programs of the college to tap the vast resources of HBP and integrate their business cases and simulation products into our courses. This will enable our faculty and students to have a broader worldview of their studies, providing a competitive edge for graduates as we further pursue the internationalization/globalization of our programs. HBP Education also provides our faculty and students with resources that are vetted and used by other respected educational institutions worldwide.”

Notably, Benilde stands at the forefront of academic leadership, being among the initial organizations in the Philippines to embrace HBP Education. This exemplifies a pioneering shift in the country’s higher education landscape.

“Subscribing to Harvard Business Publishing Education represents a transformative investment in DLS-CSB’s educational ecosystem, significantly enhancing the caliber of our faculty roster and the depth of our learning resources,” Angelo Lacson, Vice Chancellor for Academics, emphasized, “By providing access to cutting-edge case studies, scholarly articles, and innovative teaching materials, our faculty members will be equipped with the latest insights and methodologies, fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking learning environment.”

HBP Education offers a comprehensive catalog featuring over 60,000 learning materials. This diverse collection, that includes cases, simulations, articles, videos, and online courses sourced from 50+ global providers that add dynamic, real-life perspectives to learning, is now part of The Br. Fidelis Leddy Center for Learning Resources (CLR)’s ever-growing range of learning resources. There is also consideration for in-person seminars facilitated by HBP-recommended teaching faculty, further enhancing professional development opportunities for Benilde’s educators. 

CLR Director Michael Mojica shares, “The CLR is proud to include another credible and relevant online learning resource in Harvard Business Publishing Education to our collection. As the recognized leader in management education materials, access to HBP Education materials will further enhance the teaching capabilities of our faculty and the learning experience of our students.” Mojica continues, “This online resource will help ensure that our graduates are equipped with the skills and competencies necessary to develop them into the business leaders of tomorrow.”

In line with this, the College, through CLR and the Center of Educational Technology (CET), recently conducted a simulation workshop on January 17, led by Denise Dorai, Regional Manager of APAC-South at Harvard Business Publishing Education, and Mary Lou Cunanan, Ateneo De Manila University. Participants had the opportunity to engage with industry experts, enhancing their understanding of management education and cross-cultural business practices. This workshop truly reflects Benilde’s hands-on approach to learning, resonating with HBP Education’s shared passion for bringing practical insights into the management education field.

Business cases and simulations are set to be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum of both master’s and bachelor’s business degree programs at Benilde. Soon, these valuable resources will be accessible through the institution’s Learning Management System, providing students with a practical and interactive learning experience.

Benilde faculty members are participating in the HBP Education Discovery Program, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to innovation in teaching methodologies. This program includes a self-paced online training program for Case Teaching, providing educators with valuable insights, skills, and the opportunity to publish eligible cases, fostering a culture of academic research and collaboration within the institution. 

However, this extends beyond access to learning materials, as HBP Education provides essential pedagogical support, teaching advice, and curriculum guidance. This support empowers Benilde educators to create dynamic, inclusive, and impactful learning moments that resonate with students long after they leave the classroom. “This subscription not only bolsters the expertise of our educators but also elevates the quality of our academic offerings, ensuring our students receive a world-class education grounded in real-world business scenarios,” Lacson adds. “We aim to cultivate a community of engaged learners and visionary educators, positioning our institution at the forefront of business education excellence.”

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