HA.MÜ explores the journey of self-discovery in latest collection

Independent artisanal and emerging local brand HA.MÜ, composed of young fashion innovators Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki, explored the good and bad days in one’s pursuit of self-discovery in their brand-new collection.

For their newest series dubbed as Flowers of Youth, the duo revisited their individual childhoods and experiences from growing up through the different stages of life. It taps on the duality of youth as one navigates through the period of unraveling their identities.

The promising artists are known for their signature approach: upcycled deconstructed garments, textured patchworks and threadworks, and a distinct character in a clash of colors, layers, textures, and prints.

The ensembles feature a wide array of selections from puffed sleeved, uniform and side drape shirts, deconstructed boy scout tops, ampalaya blouses, button-downs and raglan tees to circle puzzle and tailored irregular hem-lined vests. 

It likewise includes blob pants and slants, 2D round silhouette and denim shorts, ampalaya skirts, handkerchief apron dresses, abacus pinafore frocks, curved jeans and printed trousers.

They offer a range of accessories such as floppy sun hats, sash bags, baptismal baseball caps and skinny and chunky magnetic string of stone necklaces in smiley, heart and round marbles. 

“The idea of putting two different subjects together – flowers and youth — was derived from the idea of how one preserves flowers for decor or keepsake,” they shared. “Even if it withers slowly over time, the beauty and memory of it remains. Similar to our concept of youth where youth is not defined by age. Youthfulness depends on how you carry yourself even after your adolescent days have surpassed.”

The designers understand that the journey to self-discovery likewise comes with times of despair, confusion and pain. “The things we learn in life are not meant to be learned beforehand so every decision we make for ourselves opens up more joy and inevitably more sadness in the process,” the duo added. “These obstacles we go through eventually become memories, which reminds us of why we are who we have become today.”

For more information about HA.MÜ and their collections, visit https://www.facebook.com/hamustudios.

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