Message from the Brother President

Dear Benildean Community,

Let us give a warm and hearty CONGRATULATIONS to our Benilde Blazers Men’s Basketball Team – 1st Runner Up of the NCAA Season 98!

To our beloved Blazers and the Coaching staff led by Charles Tiu, we are MIGHTY Proud of all you!

You have taught us many things this season:

  • You showed us how proper motivation and training can turn good men into excellent, highly motivated players;
  • You showed us HEART! And how heart can bring us to places we never thought we could go; and,
  • You built for us a COMMUNITY! Bringing together in joy and fun our students, alumni, and associates have never seen since the pandemic.

We salute you for inspiring us, for bringing us together, for showing us what it means to be truly extraordinary. And those are the best Christmas gifts we have received in 2022!

To our Benildean community, let us double our efforts next year as our Blazers and other varsity teams bring us to new heights!

Onward to next season! Animo Benilde!


Br. Edmundo L. Fernandez FSC


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