bachelor of science in business administration major in export and global business management


bachelor of science in business administration major in export management


Unique products are local; dominant markets are global. As an Export and Global Business Management student, you keep an eye on up-and-coming products while tracking trends and movements in the global economy. This program is the pioneer export-oriented business course in the country and it merges the essentials of the export industry, namely product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, with entrepreneurship and new strategies and technologies in international trading.


Entrepreneur,  Market Researcher, Product Developer,  Product Manager

packed and ready for shipping

This course is for you if you want to make Filipino products available to the world. You will learn to:

  • synthesize business concepts in finance, management, economics, marketing, human resources, production and operations, information technology and strategic management to design and implement business plans and strategies using research and development and current technologies;
  • articulate international business concepts, latest developments and trends in the field of export and its allied industries to address existing and future business problems by benchmarking industry’s best practices;
  • evaluate international business environments, its methods and practices to improve and innovate existing international trade and business systems for strategic direction through empirical and qualitative studies;
  • analyze ethical problems in business and society to promote professionalism and a humane society in compliance with ethical and regulatory framework;
  • immerse independently and effectively with multicultural and multi-disciplinary cultures by preserving and promoting Filipino historical and cultural heritage;
  • implement business activities, service or product which addresses certain needs of customers specifically those in the export market;
  • articulate oneself effectively in oral and written forms using both the Filipino and English languages with various stakeholders;
  • apply basic concepts in functional areas of business with regards to the planning, organizing, staffing and directing functions;
  • apply the proper and appropriate decision making tools to critically, analytically and creatively solve business problems and drive relevant results;
  • demonstrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility through high personal, moral and ethical standards in order to manage conflicts in the workplace;
  • create operational plans, business research, feasibility studies based on innovative business ideas on existing and emerging industries; and
  • manage a strategic business unit, entity and organization for economic sustainability and development.

we define leadership

The School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT) offers business programs that are reflective of today’s industry in a technology-driven environment.

In SMIT, classes are facilitated in an environment where learning happens in the collaboration among faculty members, students and the associates.

SMIT students are honed to be not only professionally competent but also responsible professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who value diversity and continuous learning through innovation.

take it from the experts

Learn the trade and secrets from the industry leaders themselves. Majority in our faculty roster are seasoned industry practitioners who can help you understand the practical application of business theories and textbook lessons.

get a headstart on technology

Learn the ropes of getting jobs done with the help of the technology that is relevant to your chosen industry. Business and programming applications like SPSS, SQL, SAP, Eclipse, JDK, Apache Tomcat, Android Studio, Visual Studio, ArchiMate, Dia Portable, XAMPP, and the like are essential parts of harnessing the full potential of your future career.

Our computer labs also boast exclusive hardwares and up-to-date configuration.

enrich your global perspective

SMIT promotes international exposure to students for them to enrich their global perspective of their courses. As part of their experiential learning, the following are offered across all SMIT programs.

  • Osgood International Program – Washington D.C. U.S.A.
  • Wakayama Intercultural Program – Japan
  • Malaysian Export Academy – Malaysia

These are all OPTIONAL since related expenses (i.e. program fees, airfare, accommodation, living expenses, etc.) are not part of the regular tuition and fees.

Educational Tours are subject to CHED regulations. Tour destinations are also subject to change.

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