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bachelor of science IN tourism management


bachelor of science in tourism management


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a redefined tourism program that empowers learners to tell compelling stories through new media, promote sustainable investments, or foster long and lasting relations that boost the culture and livelihood of a destination.

BSTM offers specializations that redefine the landscape of the tourism industry–Tourism Creations, Tourism Entrepreneurship and Tourism Relations. These specializations bank on the intrinsic strength of the innovative program offerings of Benilde: New Media, Business and Diplomacy.

Students in the BSTM program can also enjoy micro-credentialing, which lets them earn certifications on selected subjects within the program.


Airline Manager, Event Organizer, Flight Attendant, Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Travel Entrepreneur, Travel Writer, Tour Escorts/Travel Guides, Transport Operator

share a new world,
frame by frame.

Immortalize an adventure and share them with the others! The best form of advertisement in promoting a destination is by letting your audience relive a wonderful experience that pique their interest to embark on the same adventure. 

By specializing in Tourism Creations, you will learn how to promote tourism through the mastery of multimedia arts, photography, videography, and storytelling, facilitated by faculty members of the Benilde School of New Media Arts. With the Program’s management subjects, you could even put up your own business out of traveling.


Cultural expositions brought by tourism help different nations understand their differences. These exchanges encourage the creation of local and international policies that ensure sustainability of the destination’s tourism-based development.

As a student in Tourism Relations, you will learn the ropes of foreign and international relations, diplomatic protocol, environmental relations, and correspondences and social graces. These specialization courses is in collaboration with the Benilde School of Diplomacy and Governance.

from economy to business class,
it's all about your business
and the economy.

With the increase in tourism, the business activities in a destination flourishes. From accommodation to dining and recreation, the opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial ventures are endless.

By specializing in Tourism Entrepreneurship, you will learn the current business processes, quality assurance, analytics, and sustainability tailored fit in the travel and tourism setting. Courses in this specialization is administered by faculty members of the Benilde School of Management and Information Technology.


This course is for you if you love to travel and hope to encourage that same love in every traveler. You will learn to:

  • manage tourism businesses effectively and efficiently to address organizational challenges and issues, propose strategies, find opportunities, and make rational decisions through applicable management principles;
  • conceptualize through research, creative ideas to innovate on product, improve process or create new business ventures by using evidence-based practices, data and industry trends, information communications technology and the latest advancements in general, to respond to the needs of the tourism industry while developing entrepreneurial acumen;
  • assess the needs of internal and external customers in order to exceed service expectations through the application of established customer service principles, while being honed in the character and profile of a Benildean tourism professional;
  • demonstrate teamwork and collaboration in providing solutions to issues and challenges in the tourism industry while constructively and proactively building on strengths, and finding opportunities in weaknesses;
  • articulate ideas and opinions to address industry needs through effective verbal and non-verbal communication using traditional and new media, and attain proficiency in an appropriate foreign language, in addition to English and mother tongue;
  • exhibit interpersonal and communication skills necessary in dealing with a culturally diverse environment through exposure to different languages, cultural protocols, and traditions experienced inside and outside the classroom;
  • demonstrate the Lasallian and Benildean Core Values to exemplify high level of self-worth and actualization by participating in nation-building and value forming advocacies;
  • evaluate the Philippines’ competitiveness as a destination in order to develop a comprehensive study that is aligned with the DOT’s thrust, recognize the potential of tourism contribution to the SDGs, and promote national pride in the Filipino heritage and culture; and
  • exercise high personal, moral and ethical standards.

industry practice is our bread and butter

The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (SHRIM) primes future hoteliers, restaurateurs, and hospitality managers for the rigors and precision of the hospitality industry.

SHRIM is the first and only hotel school in the Philippines to be awarded a Level IV accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), and also one of the few schools that have been conferred as a Center for Excellence in Hotel and Restaurant Management by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Furthermore, the School is a Certified Guest Service Property granted by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute or AHLEI.

SHRIM adheres to the philosophy that superior education culminates in practice. Our campus, the Angelo King International Center (AKIC), houses industry standard kitchen laboratories where students apply what they learned through hands-on experience.

Just as salt and pepper are fundamentals of flavor, a balance between theory and practice are the foundations of our discipline. This is the reason why SHRIM invests heavily in industry standard laboratory facilities and training facilities internally called Hatcheries. These include a 50-room 4-star hotel, a travel & tours office, a fine dining French restaurant, a gourmet cafe, an off-premise catering unit, and a cafeteria and quick service food facility. These hatcheries do not only teach the necessary skills but also the important components of operations, marketing and entrepreneurship.

industry on detour

Now a trillion dollar industry, world tourism experienced a 4% growth in 2019. The continued growth of Philippine Tourism is stimulating a lot of investment in the hotel sector. As a country, we have achieved our forecast in 2019 with 8.26 million tourists representing 15.24% increase. The revenues we received from both international and domestic tourism contributed 12.7% to our GDP in 2019.

Dubbed as the Golden Era of Hotel Construction, the years of 2018 to 2021 are exciting years for the Philippine hotel industry. About 8,000 hotel rooms will be added to the country’s hotel room inventory. Property giants and hotel brands are slated to open new properties in the country in the coming years, which leads to job opportunities in the industry.

In the first two months of 2020, the Philippines already surpassed its tourism targets for the first quarter of the year. And then COVID-19 happened.

The tourism industry has been crippled by this pandemic but history has proven that the industry always bounces back. Ultimately, we see this pandemic as an opportunity to reshape the industry to embrace new products, for new destinations to emerge, to create new experiences, and move towards sustainability and a new model for tourism.

4-star hotel with 5-star experience

Inside the AKIC Campus is a 4-star hotel with restaurants and banquet halls where students, mentored by hotel staff, render duty to practice hotel and hospitality service on real hotel guests.

c'est la "V"!

Benilde offers the first international double-degree program in the Philippines under the new transnational guidelines of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

This is made possible through the partnership with Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, a recognized and highly reputable hotel-school in France.

Furthermore, Vatel Restaurant Manila, serving as the premier restaurant of Hotel Benilde, serves French cuisine for dining and caters to special banquets and events.

glazed with experiential learning

SHRIM students can appreciate their program better through experiential learning that’s why SHRIM encourages participation in many co-curricular activities. They are immersed through industry events that expose them to current and upcoming trends and let them meet professionals who can share trade secrets.

co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

International Exchange and Internship

All students may spend 6-12 months in a luxury hotel or resort in the US through our partner, the International Trainee Network (ITN). They may also spend 4-5 months in Jumeirah owned hotels/resorts in Dubai in collaboration with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).

Culinary students may participate in 5-month program in Italy either through the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners (ICIF) or the Italian Food Style Education (IFSE).

IHM students may spend a term or two in a partner Vatel Campus through the Marco Polo Program. They can also take their first practicum in Nimes, Frances through Vatel Nimes.

Local and International Educational Tours

SHRIM encourages participation in local and/or international educational tours as part of experiential learning.

Some classes that have tours are the following:

  • PTOUR-1 Bohol
  • PTOUR-2 Korea
  • ASIANCU Thailand
  • FILCUI2 Quezon
  • WINEAPP Paris-Bordeaux
  • BARMGM2 Paris-Bordeaux
  • ECOTOUR Palawan
  • LEISMGT Sorsogon
  • WORLD02 Paris

These are all OPTIONAL since related expenses (i.e. program fees, airfare, accommodation, living expenses, etc.) are not part of the regular tuition and fees.

Educational Tours and Internship subject to CHED regulations. Tour destinations are also subject to change.

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