How can you improve the life of man?

In the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design program, you innovate solutions to optimize the function and value of a product for the benefit of its users. These solutions, while they are functional, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing, ultimately enhance the quality of life and culture of people. Our program is a quest to integrate design philosophies with technology to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

This course is for you if you want to create products that make life easier and more fun. You will learn to:

• Identify design frameworks, procedures, materials and requirements in recommending industrial design solutions by applying human-centered product development research processes and appropriate design thinking techniques;
• apply design aesthetics, principles, and theories from the pre-modern to postmodern era in expanding the industrial design language that brings entrepreneurial spirit by presenting authentic and novel perspectives and approaches on industrial design through visual arts and form-function design projects and research; and
• create cutting-edge industrial design solutions and products for the improvement of quality of life and contribute to the development and advancement of industrial design both in the local and global setting through interdisciplinary approach to design that converges social practice (with focus on inclusivity and accessibility), collaboration, research, philosophies and processes in the context of industrial design.

Program Length
11 Trimesters

Visual Merchandising Designer
Exhibit Designer
Furniture Designer
Industrial Designer
Fashion and Accessories Designer
Toy Designer
Advertising Collateral and Merchandise Designer
Crafts Designer
Packaging Designer
Aesthetic Designer for Drone and Technology-Based Products
Transport and Mobility Designer
3D Modeller and Prototyper
Visual/Brand Communication Designer

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