Bilingual-bicultural education

Benilde Deaf School (BDS) is one of the newest innovative programs in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. It is the first bilingual-bicultural program for Deaf high school students in the country. Inaugurated in 2018, the school develops and strengthens the students’ Deaf identity and prepares them for college life and future career.

The school advocates Filipino Sign Language (FSL), the natural language of the Deaf Filipinos, as the primary language of instruction. Written English and Filipino are also used and taught as secondary languages. BDS promotes the understanding and appreciation of both Deaf and Hearing cultures, giving learners a holistic sense of community and pride.

Model secondary Deaf education

Benilde Deaf School is a model secondary Deaf education institute that provides quality education and better learning access to Deaf students. BDS aims to produce well-grounded and holistic Deaf graduates who are capable of lifelong learning, attaining quality leadership skills to improve individual well-being, and influencing the younger Deaf generation to pursue honor and excellence in society.

Curriculum, faculty and formation

BDS follows an enhanced curriculum and implements bilingual-bicultural strategies in each content area. The school also has special subjects such as Deaf Studies and Filipino Sign Language aside from those mandated by the Department of Education. BDS also facilitates a compelling Student Formation Program that promotes character formation anchored on the Benildean Expression of the Lasallian Core Values. In addition, our faculty members composed mostly of Deaf mentors are either licensed teachers, Master’s degree-holders here and abroad, or experts in their respective fields. BDS follows a four-quarter calendar that starts in August and ends in June.

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Benilde Deaf School
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