bachelor of science in business administration major in business intelligence and analytics


bachelor of science in business administration major in business intelligence and analytics


Data when transformed into meaningful information using analytics engines can help an organization address challenges, and create a pathway for a better decision making process.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Business Intelligence and Analytics program offers you an opportunity to explore and learn the power of data with the use of analytical tools coupled with a clear understanding of the business’ needs and wants.


Data Scientist. Data Analyst, Report Author, Data Architect, IT Consultant, Project Manager

data is king

This course is for you if you want to explore the world of big data and use it to study trends and patterns, and make predictions with the use of Analytical tools. You will learn to:

  • integrate Analytics to maximize the value of data by identifying and assessing the opportunities, needs, and constraints of data usage within an organizational context;
  • construct, implement, and manage innovative and creative data analytics solutions by clearly communicating the results to a variety of audiences;
  • apply Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills as required by the business environment to expedite and enhance communication to a variety of audience using industry-grade tools and applications; and
  • develop operational and strategic plans to support an organization’s economic sustainability and competitiveness through leadership, transparency, performance measurement systems, financial returns, continuous process improvement, and community involvement and economic development.

we define leadership

The School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT) offers business programs that are reflective of today’s industry in a technology-driven environment.

In SMIT, classes are facilitated in an environment where learning happens in the collaboration among faculty members, students and the associates.

SMIT students are honed to be not only professionally competent but also responsible professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who value diversity and continuous learning through innovation.

take it from the experts

Learn the trade and secrets from the industry leaders themselves. Majority in our faculty roster are seasoned industry practitioners who can help you understand the practical application of business theories and textbook lessons.

get a headstart on technology

Learn the ropes of getting jobs done with the help of the technology that is relevant to your chosen industry. Business and programming applications like SPSS, SQL, SAP, Eclipse, JDK, Apache Tomcat, Android Studio, Visual Studio, ArchiMate, Dia Portable, XAMPP, and the like are essential parts of harnessing the full potential of your future career.

Our computer labs also boast exclusive hardwares and up-to-date configuration.

enrich your global perspective

SMIT promotes international exposure to students for them to enrich their global perspective of their courses. As part of their experiential learning, the following are offered across all SMIT programs.

  • Osgood International Program – Washington D.C. U.S.A.
  • Wakayama Intercultural Program – Japan
  • Malaysian Export Academy – Malaysia

These are all OPTIONAL since related expenses (i.e. program fees, airfare, accommodation, living expenses, etc.) are not part of the regular tuition and fees.

Educational Tours are subject to CHED regulations. Tour destinations are also subject to change.

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